Maikuchiga , which translated from the indigenous language of Tikuna means monkey's story, is an animal sanctuary and rehabilitation center located in the heart of the Amazon. Founded approximately 11 years ago by biologist Sara Bennett the sanctuary provides a safe place for animals who have been confiscated from the illegal traffic of animals. The main focus is rehabilitating wooly monkeys (Lagothrix lagothricha), an Amazonian primate species currently under threat of extinction.

Currently the Maikuchiga foundation has 2 other important functions. First is the education of local communities on the importance of conservation. Aside from Sara the staff is made up entirely of members of the local indigenous community. Together they also hold work shops with the younger generation and hold meetings with hunters of surrounding communities in the hope of establishing sustainable hunting practices. Their other function and currently their primary focus is monitoring the wild wooly monkey populations. This research initiative is focused on answering a number of behavioral questions, including forest use and troop dynamics. Staff will head out into the forest for a week every month tracking and taking notes on the various wooly monkey troops along with any other wild monkeys and mammals they come across.

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The Maikuchiga Crew

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