Yoi Eco Tours

Our aim is to provide you with a personalized, intimate, informative and immersive Amazon experience while at the same time conserving this amazing region of the planet. Yoi Eco Tours works closely with the local indigenous community of San Martin who make up 100% of the staff.

Where we are located

Our ecolodge is located near the indigenous community of San Martin de Amacayacu approximately 3 hours from the city of Leticia, Colombia. San Martin is found within Amacayacu National Park along a tributary of the Amazon River. Surrounded by forest, The lodge is located right along the river a 30 minute boat ride from the community.

To reach us, generally visitors will fly first to Bogota, Colombia and from there fly to Leticia. Once in Leticia guests will be picked up and taken by boat along the Amazon River until they reach the Amacayacu river. After switching boats they will head up another hour along the Amacayacu river until they reach the lodge.

You can find information on flights FAQ page.

San Martín

San Martin is an indigenous community of approximately 400, primarily consisting of members of the Ticuna tribe. Still retaining the native language, strong cultural beliefs and traditions, San Martin is an example of an indigenous community trying to maintain its heritage in the face of external pressures. Members of the community live primarily off of agriculture, fishing and hunting. Many are also artisans producing beautiful crafts out of the natural materials found in the surrounding forests.

About the founders

Agusto Moran and Maria Ayla Angel are a couple from the Ticuna community of San Martin.

Doña Maria is an ambassador for the community and has worked closely with the National Park to begin projects that aim to benefit the community as a whole. Also a community leader she has worked and continues to work in order to find ways to strengthen San Martin on a long term basis.

A fisherman, carpenter and artisan, Don Agusto has an ample skill set that reflects his traditional and practical knowledge of the Amazon. Well versed in the rich stories and culture of the Tikuna people, entire evenings can be lost listening to his fascinating tales.

The combined knowledge, culture and charm of this couple are reason enough to come and experience the Colombian Amazon.

Julian Barajas is a lifelong nature enthusiast. This passion has led him through a zoology degree at the university of Toronto and then on to launching Yoi EcoTours. Boasting both Canadian and Colombian citizenships he is fluent in both English and Spanish. Julian is the director and will generally be on hand during tours.