Q.Is there electricity on site?

A. Yes. We have recently installeda new solar powered system that provides light in the cabins and washrooms. Guests will also be able to charge any items that they bring along with them.

Q.Why should I choose Yoi EcoTours?

A. Yoi EcoTours offers you an experience that you can find no where else in the Colombian Amazon. Our totally personalized tours put you right in the middle of the forest without you having to give up basic comforts. With our remote location,variety of activies, experienced guides and personalized attention you have the ingredients for an unforgettable getaway.

Q.What is inlcuded in the tours?

A. All our tours include meals, private lodging, travel insurance, a personal bilingual guide, and all transportation from the moment you arrive in Leticia as well as a variety of activities . We do not book flights, however we are happy to give advice and suggestions. Simply send us an email with your questions.

Q.What are the accommodations like?

A. Visitors will be staying in one of our comfortable private cabins in the middle of the rainforest where the only access is by water. Despite our remote location guests can expect standard restroom facilities in each of the cabins. Thanks to our new solar powered system guests will also be able to enjoy soft lighting in bothe the cabins and bathrooms, as well as be able to charge any personal electronics they may choose to take with them. To see more photos of our ecolodge visit our tours page.

Q.How do I book a tour?

A. Guests can book directly through us. Simply send us an email with your arrival date, how many days you wish to stay and the number of people in your group along with any questions.

Q.Is it Safe?

A. This is the most common question asked by prospective visitors. The answer is absolutely. Visitor safety is the foremost concern for Yoi Eco Tours and as such would never be risked. We are located near the shared border between Peru, Brazil & Colombia and the security forces each country has stationed here further ensure visitor security in an already tranquil region.

Q.Is the wildlife dangerous?

A. Although the vast majority of animals guests will come across are harmless, it is true that the Amazon is home to a few less than friendly creatures. However none of them will actively seek out visitors. As longs as guests follow the directions of their guides they should not have any negative encounters.

Q.Where are you located and how do I get there?

A. We are located near the community of San Martin de Amacayacu approximately 3 hours from the city of Leticia Colombia. San Martin is found within the National Park Amacayacu along a tributary of the Amazon River.

Generally visitors will fly first to Bogota Colombia and from there fly to Leticia. Once in Leticia guests will be picked up and taken by boat along the Amazon River until they reach San Martin.

Q.Which airlines fly to Leticia?

A. Generally the only way to reach Leticia by air is via Bogota. There are currently 3 airlines that have regular flights into Leticia.

LAN has regular flights flying from Bogota to Leticia daily arriving around 11am Monday to Friday and with later flights on weekends. To take advantage of their cheapest fares you have to book at least a month in advance and check their website regularly for promotions. Flights can be booked online and with travel agencies.

Avianca also has regular flights. They offer daily flights which arrive in Leticia around 1:00pm. Like LAN you need to book well in advance to take advantage of their cheepest fares. Flights can be booked online and with travel agencies.

Satena only offers flights twice a week and is the most difficult airline to book with. Flights go out Wednesdays at 2:30pm and on Saturdays at 12:30. The website is in Spanish and it is virtually impossible to book a flight through it. However you can call their office at 01 8000 912034 and usually there will be an English speaking representative on hand to assist you.

Q.What should I bring?

A. Once guests book their tour they will receive a list of all necessary and recommended items. Some of the most important items are rain boots, rain coat, head lamp and of course a camera to capture all the unforgettable moments. Note that if you don`t want to carry bulky rain boots with your luggage we offer them for sale and at the end of your visit they can be left with us to be donated to the community.

Q.Which currencies are accepted?

A. The currency used in Colombia is the Colombian peso. However in and around Leticia, Brazilian reals and Peruvian soles are also accepted. We accept these 3 currencies along with Canadian and American dollars and Euros. Please let us know in advance if you plan to pay cash in some currency other than pesos.

Q.How physically challenging are the tours?

A. The physical level of a tour is left completely up to guests. We offer a broad range of activities The physical level of a tour is left completely up to guests. We offer a broad range of

Q.Which vaccinations do I need?

A. Yellow fever is highly recommended as are Hepatitis A and B. In any case you should speak to a health care provider at least 4 weeks before you visit to see exactly what you need.

Q.Is Malaria a problem?

A. Malaria can be found anywhere throughout the tropics and we recommend you speak with your doctor to consider taking an anti-malarial agent during your visit to the Amazon.

Q.What is Yoi Eco Tours doing to help protect the environment?

A. Keeping our environmental impact as small as possible is one of our primary goals. By limiting the amount of non-organic waste, limiting the use of fossil fuels, buying as many locally produced organic products as possible and other efforts we are minimizing the negative effects we may have on the surrounding ecosystems. We are also providing the local indigenous population with an alternate source of income which will lower their reliance on agriculture, hunting and logging. We also promote educational initiatives within local communities with an emphasis on conservation.